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Founded in 2012, Tianhong Mining Co., Ltd is a China leading manufacturer and mining oriented company devoting to professional titanium dioxide (TiO2) and barium sulfate (BaSO4) production. Guided by core idea “Devote to professional quality, pursue innovation excellent”, Tianhong always specialized in strict professional production for top quality Tio2 & BaSO4 products based on market demands. Main brand THTIO2 includes both Rutile & Anatase types Tio2 products, and TH series barium sulfate products also widely satisfy related industry needs worldwide. Superior stable quality, competitive cost and comprehensive technical supports are features Tianhong Tio2 & BaSO4 satisfying value-pursuit by global partners and end users.


Core Strength of THTiO2

Owner of 30+ top quality barite mines in China  
Eleven processing & production bases 
Full equipped TiO2 and BaSO4 application R&D & test center


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Contact Us
Tianhong Mining Co.,Ltd
Sales Center Add: No.266 Dongle Rd, Daliang Shunde Foshan Guangdong Province China.
Post Code: 528300
Tel: +86-757-22665790
Fax: +86-757-22665739
Mobile: +86-13708956520
Email: cntio2@ththio2.com