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Rutile Titanium Dioxide Production Method

Tianhong Mining Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 09, 2018

There are two methods for producing rutile titanium dioxide: sulfuric acid and chlorination. Regardless of the sulfuric acid method or the chlorination method, the production process is composed of two parts: crude titanium white production and post-processing processing.
The main purpose of the production of titanium white crude products is to convert the active ingredients in titanium or titanium slag into easily purified titanium oxysulfate or titanium tetrachloride. Through strict control, titanium dioxide produced by the crude product harmful impurities (such as iron, chromium The content of vanadium, copper, etc. is as low as possible, so that the product has a good particle size, particle size distribution, and the crystal form of the product is fully converted.
The main purpose of post-processing is to overcome the intrinsic defects (such as photochemical activity) of rutile titanium dioxide products through the surface treatment of crude products, improve the anti-powderability and dispersibility of the products, and produce products that meet the requirements of users and achieve product diversity. Change.

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