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The Difference Between Anatase Titanium Dioxide And Rutile Titanium Dioxide

Tianhong Mining Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 09, 2018

1. Different crystal structures: The anatase and rutile crystal structures are composed of interconnected TiO2 octahedra. The difference between the two is that the degree of distortion of the octahedron is different from that of the octahedron.
2, use different: rutile titanium dioxide weather resistance, gloss retention, anti-chromism are better than anatase titanium dioxide, caused this reason is due to the presence of pure anatase titanium dioxide particles on the surface of water and oxygen The photochemical properties are extremely lively, so if you want to change the difference in its use, you must first stabilize the light itself. Due to the relatively high price of rutile titanium dioxide, it is often used in high-end products. Not only that, rutile titanium dioxide is used in the production of high-end water-based printing materials such as paints, inks, and plastic lacquer woodware. Anatase titanium dioxide is lower in price than rutile titanium dioxide, and it is mostly involved in the production of plastics, ink, popular printing, and coating.

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