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Titanium Dioxide Emergency Treatment Method Introduced

Tianhong Mining Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 09, 2018

Titanium Dioxide Emergency Treatment Method Introduction: Isolation of the leakage of contaminated areas, restrictions on access, it is recommended that emergency personnel wear dust masks (full face mask), wear general operations work clothes, avoid dust, be careful to sweep up, placed in a bag and transferred to a safe place, If there is a large amount of leakage, it shall be covered with plastic cloth or canvas, collected, or transported to a waste disposal site for disposal.
Titanium dioxide (or titanium dioxide) is widely used in various types of structural surface coatings, paper coatings and fillers, plastics and elastomers, and other uses include ceramics, glass, catalysts, coated fabrics, printing inks, roofing and flux.
According to statistics, in 2006, the global titanium dioxide demand reached 4.6 million tons, of which the paint industry accounted for 58%, the plastics industry accounted for 23%, papermaking 10%, other 9%, titanium dioxide can be made from ilmenite, rutile, titanium slag can also be used Preparation. Titanium Dioxide Production Process There are two: the sulfate process and the chloride process, the sulfate process is simpler than the chloride process, and can provide low-cost and relatively inexpensive minerals. Today, about 47% of the world's production capacity is in the sulfate process. , 53% capacity for the chloride process.

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