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What Is The Development Trend Of Titanium Dioxide Industry In China?

Tianhong Mining Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 09, 2018

With the continuous development of the real estate industry, the development of the paint industry has also ushered in a very good period. Titanium dioxide is one of the most important raw materials for the production of coatings and plays a decisive role. Now China has become the world’s largest producer of titanium dioxide in the world, as well as the United States, and the types of products are also moving in a more advanced direction. The future development trend is excellent.
Although the development of titanium dioxide in China at present exists both opportunities and challenges, the opportunities are still very large. This is because the huge market demand for this product has only a large amount of demand in China every year. Business opportunities, I believe we can get a certain amount of display in this field. However, there are also certain problems at present, that is, the production process is not the same, and the products produced are similar. All these have affected the rapid development of this industry in China. Currently, the scale of titanium dioxide production is not very large, and capital investment is also lacking. Therefore, it is necessary to actively increase investment in this area, increase the competitiveness of products, and increase the visibility in the international arena.

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