Quality Anatse TiO2

Quality Anatse TiO2

Quality anatase Tio2 THA-100 is Tianhong dedicated titanium dioxide product.

Quality Anatase Tio2 THA-100
Quality anatase Tio2 THA-100 is Tianhong dedicated titanium dioxide product.


What are key features of THA-100 quality anatase Tio2?
Quality anatase Tio2 is white powder with white appearance, good gloss and uniform particle, furthermore, high tinting reduce power also give quality performance on applications.
What applications are THA-100 mainly severing?
The product is suitable for high-grade interior wall latex paint, ink, paper, rubber and other high-end areas, and also can be applied to plastic.


Typical Properties

Crystal Form

Anatase Type

Manufacturing Process



Technical Index

Content Of Titanium Dioxide


Relative Brightness (L * Test / L * S)


Oil Absorption (g/100g)


PH Value Of Aqueous Suspension


105°C Volatile


Color Difference (-b *)


Water-Soluble Substance Content


Residue On 45μm


Relative Tinctorial Strength


Product index is subject to inspection


Packaging Conditions
Plastic woven bag lined with membrane is normal packing of THA100. Net Weight:25kg


Product Storage
Dry condition is necessary for keeping fresh quality anatase Tio2 THA-100, and any direct contact with water or moisture should be avoided.


Health & Safety Precautions
Safety gloves, goggles and respirator with submicron particle filtration should be worn while contacting.

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